Aôm (mask)

L 28 H 48 D 4 cm

This mask is a work apart in the work of Gaël Rouxeville. With a minimum of elements, he created here a very evocative face; we think (why not?) of ancient masks, or some fantastic characters; some have seen, too, a sage immersed in deep meditation, the 3rd eye wide open and the mouth emitting the famous sound "aôm" ... And you, what does this work make you think of?
A paradoxically dynamic whole, where the eye constantly travels from one point to another.

The metallic patina suggests materials that are both intimate and unknown. The matt black wooden support ideally highlights the subtleties of this wall sculpture.Unique sculpture; dated and discreetly signed by the artist; ready to hang: integrated wall mounting on the back of the frame (on x hook or equivalent)Possibility of dedication on the back of the frame!

660.00 €