Dame Blanche (white lady)

Lenght 57, height 31, depth 6 cm, lacked wood, n°3/3

We know "the lady with an ermine" by Leonardo da Vinci. Gaël Rouxeville was also inspired by the beautiful animal, and treated him in a resolutely contemporary way: both static by his posture, and very dynamic by the treatment of curves (which induces the initiation of a movement). Under its patinated clear lacquer, it takes on a quasi-mineral aspect that takes us out of reality. The surprising material thus created goes perfectly with the base in

solid oak wood. The stoat is also called the white lady (hence the title), because of its immaculate coat during the winter period ... This work has benefited from all the artist's know-how to bring you perfect satisfaction over time (quality wood, lacquers and varnishes). It is the last copy on sale, each with a different base. One is in a public collection, the other in Germany ... Numbered 3/3, dated and signed by the artist. To exhibit indoors; requires no maintenance.
2,000.00 €