Dans le Vent (in the wind)

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What do you see in this sculpture? A male or female character? A drape that floats in the wind? Or maybe, uh, smoke volutes? Or.... ? A lot of movement and life in this soft, precious and delicate work, which charms both men and women.

Very easy to place, on the desk, bedside, a small shelf, it lives in the space without taking up space. The work presented in the photo has a unique artist's patina, in turquoise blue speckled tones, shiny waxed! Bronze of authentic art, signed by the artist with the stamp of the founder (BBC labelled EPV).

This copy is number 7/8, which means that it is the penultimate copy of the series (and the only one with this patina)! Maintenance-free.

1,750.00 €