Danseuse agenouillée (kneeling dancer)

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Lenght 38, height 39 depth 15cm, bronze n°5/8

The Kneeling Dancer is part of the work on the theme of dance, which resulted in 6 bronze sculptures. It is an emblematic work of this artist's work, since it is she who revealed her talent for sculpture. The artist does not seek here to represent the morphology of the bodies (which has already been done), but to make perceptible the energy that emerges from an instant, captured in the material; here: flexibility, inner space, recollection, femininity, but also movement, vitality...

We can also think of the Chinese ideogram that represents the human being; quite a symbol! This work, which appears simple and pure, calls for great technicality and delicacy in its bronze construction, because of its "undercut" parts. A work of beautiful dimensions, while remaining practical to place in an interior; the superb turquoise patina showing the bare bronze is waxed, and requires no maintenance. Authentic bronze work, with number /8, stamp of the founder, and signature of the author, in accordance with the legislation.

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