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All curves, the work evokes here a recumbent body, intimacy, interiority and sweetness, hence the title "sleeper" (or sleeper); the interior space, the recollection, but also the movement, the vitality ... A calm and yet dynamic work, very ZEN! The artist does not seek here to represent the morphology of people (which has already been done), but to make perceptible the energy that emerges from a moment, grasped in the material. The Sleeper is part

of the work done on the theme of dance, which resulted in 6 different bronze sculptures.
This sculpture, of simple and pure appearance, calls for a great technicality and a lot of delicacy, for its realization in bronze, in particular because of its interior space (said "undercut"). An unusual horizontal format but very practical to place in an interior (niche, shelf, desk, window sill). Let's not forget the Turquoise patina, marbled with black veins and water green, absolutely unique!

Length 54cm
Height 10cm
Depth 16cm

5,400.00 €