Deep Inside, Deep Outside

If Gaël Rouxeville's works invite contemplation, they are also an excellent support for reflection and meditation. This is also the case with "Deep Inside, Deep Outside", which presents a moray eel crossing a ring.

The vision can evoke the animal in its natural environment, walking through the window of a wreck, the title leaving ambiguity on the fact of entering or leaving. The notion of door, of passage, and of evolution is thus evoked in a very open way, which thus invites levels of reading on several levels. Among others, we can mention the fact that the point of view influences our look and our perceptions, the fact that entering a place implies leaving another, but also that we cannot evolve without going deep inside ourselves.

In short, we can affirm that, for those who know how to approach it, this work is much more complex and rich than it appears at first glance.

71 x 55 x 27 cm

3,500.00 €