Grand Voyage

Created in the spring of 2020, this sculpture differs from the rest of Gaël Rouxeville's work by a naive and childish side, and also by the association of rough parts. It is a work that invites to daydreaming and inner journey. It evokes a simple and somewhat magical universe, like that of the Little Prince of St Exupéry or certain cartoons.

On a technical level, it is a wooden sculpture, worked by hand (mouldings, carving, assembling), lacquered, patinated and varnished. It is a work of reasonable dimensions without being negligible, which poses no problem to place in an interior (living room, boudoir, bedroom, office ...). Its support (under the circular tray) being 10cm in diameter, it can rest on a pedestal table for example.

diameter 40cm, height 52,5 cm;

Unique work, for indoor use.

1,500.00 €