Hors Cadre

Gaël Rouxeville surprises us once again with this atypical sculpture, which plays with codes, trends and categories. The composition of the work is based on a double contrast of shapes and colors, which accentuates the movement and gives it a great dynamism. The "bird", with its prominent beak and long tail, carries many suggestions, but it is ultimately the contrast between the stiffness of the frame and the suppleness of the "animal" that best evokes the theme of the sculpture. For to be free implies to get rid of the frames that surround us, whether they are those imposed on us or those that we impose on ourselves... A work for indoor use, on a beautiful base, a table or a piano, why not? It will also be of great effect in a reception hall, or any other space sufficient to let it take flight!

70 x 95 x 67 cm

6,400.00 €