l'Air Marin

It is both delicate and very dynamic, with this impression of impossible balance, which gives the illusion of movement. Is it an abstract work or is it figurative? Here's something to share with friends! Our imagination goes on an adventure and tells us so many things, as much as it evokes a sea animal as it does a kind of surrealist bird, depending on the angle of view and the state of mind.

Easy to place in any interior, it will have a great effect on the desk or living room. It is a handcrafted wooden sculpture, in the purest tradition and with an eco-responsible state of mind. The upper part is lacquered and patinated, with bluish grey effects that play with light. The solid oak base is protected by a natural-looking varnish.

Dimensions :

Height 45 cm

Width 22 cm

Depth 18 cm

Base 16x16cm

Weight 560g

1,250.00 €