Le Dormeur

The artist presents here a rarely treated subject, although absolutely universal: vital necessity and scientific enigma, sleep plunges the human being in an apparent lethargy, which questions us on the mysteries of life. The characteristic posture of the sleeper lying on his side, treated in an organic style, has been pushed to the limits of abstraction, like a bronze ribbon that unfolds...

However, it only takes a little imagination for this sleeper to evoke the bedroom, a beach in summer, a dance performance, but also Arthur Rimbaud's poem or an archaeological discovery.

What do the arms of the Sleeper enclose, in his sleep? The hollow world that is drawn there invites our imagination to open up to softness and love.

4,7kg, n°2/8, chasing and patina of the artist, pearly patina, protection by car varnish

Work realized in 2022

5,400.00 €