Evoking a mother and her child, this bronze sculpture touches everyone's heart. Some see Mary, the virgin with the child, others simply see the universal love that unites every mother and her baby. It is a beautiful gift idea for a mother, son or daughter. It is a simple wor that focuses on the mind and the heart...

The sculpture shown in the photo has a beautiful patina in amber and caramel tones, made by the artist, according to a special technique that only he uses.

Other colours of patina are possible, but will take about 3 months to acquire. The petite dimensions make it easy to display, even in a small space such as an office or studio.

The work can be personalised upon the client's request with a first name or a word that will be engraved under the base. Authentic art bronze n°4/8, signed by the artist with the stamp of the foundryman (BBC labelled EPV. Does not require maintenance).

21 x 13 x 6 cm

1,850.00 €