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This is the first time that Gaël Rouxeville has tackled an "almost microscopic" work (in fact, the size of a finger). In general, his sculptures are much larger, but sometimes his inspiration can be whimsical! And as this piece evoked, in the artist's eyes, a statue of freedom of abstract forms, he decided to give it the title "Micro-Freedom". It seemed to him that it was the reflection of a restriction of our freedoms, which could soon be summed up as a sorrow. But the work is not figurative, so we can see everything that our imagination suggests: plant forms, dancing women, etc. It is therefore a sculpture full of tenderness, life and harmony. The arguments of lack of space or too high price will not be able to prevent you from acquiring this small marvel, which can even be the beginning of a collection at the same time as a nice gift, very original. base 2 x 2 cm; height 7,5 cm. Non-toxic resin, unique patina, copy numbered 1/8 and signed.

150.00 €