Very typical of the artist's current work around light and airy themes, the sculpture Vol Au Vent evokes as much the bird (the swallow perhaps) as the plane or the glider. It takes us back to childhood memories, when there were so many birds, and when we took the time to fly gliders or paper airplanes. Then we think of the first airplanes, which were very inspired by nature. Or, you know...

And you, what does this work evoke to you? Entirely made of wood, partially lacquered blue-grey and patinated by hand, and signed by the artist, the sculpture is very spatial, and of beautiful dimensions, but easy to place thanks to its reduced base. It combines the natural oak base with the upper part whose aspect evokes a new mineral material, for a very contemporary look.

Its delicacy evoking lightness allows not to overload the decoration. height 65, length 57 width 50 cm; base 16x16cm no maintenance; indoor use.

2,100.00 €