Yasmina is part of the work on the theme of dance, which resulted in 6 bronze sculptures. The work evokes the body of a (oriental?) dancer in movement. The originality of the artist's approach is that he does not seek here to represent human morphology (which has already been done and redone). On the contrary, he manages to make the movement perceptible, the moment, as if it were captured in the material; here: femininity, pride, elegance, but also the spiral movement, vitality; something aquatic and aerial too.... It is a very interesting work from all points of view, of beautiful dimensions, stable and easy to place. It invites both contemplation and exchange. The stretched chasing (smooth surface) and the very beautiful patina made by the artist, with a dominant dark blue-green, will give their full expression in a modern decoration bright and bright. Original work in bronze, with number /8 and signature of the author, in accordance with French law. Patinated and waxed bronze and requires no maintenance. Exposing it outdoors is possible, knowing that this will cause a natural evolution of the patina.

Dimensions Haut. 48 Larg. 42 Prof. 19 cm; weight 6,8kg

5,700.00 €