This sculpture is an enigma, as its title suggests... Some people saw a fish, a ray... We can also see a tree leaf, especially with this patina combining green and orange tones, absolutely unique, created by the artist on the inspiration of the moment... What does she remind you of? A lot of movement and life, as in all Gaël Rouxeville's works.

It is a sculpture that is easy to place, both in terms of size and aesthetics. On the desk or at the bedside? In plain view on the contemporary furniture of the living room? On the piano, perhaps? This copy is an original work of art, number 3/8 and has just been cast in 2019 under the artist's control (BBC foundry, labelled Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant; see stamps).

The bronze is patinated and waxed and requires no maintenance. Exposing it outdoors is possible, knowing that this will cause a natural evolution of the patina.

23 x 5 cm

1,750.00 €
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