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Lenght 37cm, height 30cm depth 11 cm; lacked wood

The horse, for which the man maintains a mixture of fascination and passion since the oldest times ... By the learned game of the work of the curves, the artist presents it to us in movement, to the point that it takes life according to our imagination. He also had fun giving it a title that, behind the pun, is rather poetic and evocative ... Black horse, with all the symbolism that these words can convey ... Want to please, or to to please yourself

? Do not hesitate: it is a reassuring work, not cumbersome and easy to place: why not in front of a mirror, on the furniture of the living room, the corner of the office? No maintenance, on this lacquered and patinated wooden sculpture, whose very slightly metallic aspect surprises pleasantly ... To expose in interior.

Length 37cm
Height 30cm
Depth 11cm


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