Il suffit de passer le pont (it's enough to cross the bridge)

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A modern interpretation on the classic and highly symbolic theme of the ermine (or weasel). When stopping on the ground, you can feel her calm, serene... perhaps dreamy or questioning... Ready for a new beginning, who knows? Let yourself be carried away by the evocative power of this adorable creation. The title, inspired by Georges Brassens' song (a little scoundrel), refers to the curved base, which evokes a stylized bridge. It also opens the way to dreams and imagination. And you, how do you interpret it? From a practical point of view, thanks to its long format, this work of art is very easy to place in an interior: on a buffet, the desk, a wall shelf, even a narrow one... Hand patinated lacquer delicately enhancing the grain of the wood. Work numbered 1/2, dated and signed by the artist. Lacquered and varnished wood requires no maintenance.

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