La Boucle

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Lenght 38, height 20, depth 30cm, bronze, n°3/8

Incredibly rich in views and visual suggestions! The loop is a wonderful abstract sculpture: very spatial, it can be contemplated from all angles with equal interest. It can even be reversed and the dynamic visual experience renewed, which evokes, for example, continuous movement, with variations in speed or amplitude. It allows you to let your imagination run wild.

Over time, we discover other aspects of this work, which appears so simple and yet so rich. Time loop, life cycle, eternity.... What will you see in it? In practical terms, it is easy to place: reasonable dimensions (38 x 30 x 20) and little space at the base. Ideally on a beautiful contemporary piece of furniture or a harness, to enjoy it from all angles.... Exposing it outdoors is possible, knowing that this will cause a natural evolution of the patina.

Original work of art, with the artist's signature and number 3/8. Patina made by the artist, very richly nuanced, in shades of brown to black, on stretched chasing; solid bronze: about 11kg!

5,500.00 €