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Dimensions height 64cm , width 52 cm, length 52 cm; lacked and patined wood; one of a kind

Sky Fall (which means free fall) is one of the most striking recent works by the author, who invites us here in his current research on air movement. At the sight of this sculpture, we feel various impressions related to flight: speed, dive, fall and dizziness ... We think of the bird (for example an eagle) biting on its prey; but also to the dive plane or even to the myth of Icarus ... We can also see in it a reference to sports parachuting. And

you, what do you see there?
This promises great discussions, or on the contrary, long meditative reflection sessions ...
It should also be noted that the work is entirely made of wood ... The astonishing technique of the author, combining learned assemblies, lacquer and patina once again works wonders, for a unique result.
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